A client came to us last year with a complex and time sensitive mailing programme which needed to be posted over several months at different stages. The total mailing volume was in excess of 1 million over the course of 8 weeks, with multiple data feeds and time sensitive mailing dates.

The client is a major utility company providing refunds and payments from meter reconciliations.

High volumes were combined with fixed deadlines, we were able to utilise our expertise to interpret complex data brief including the reproduction and verification of barcodes.

We adhered to the client's strict data security policy both during and following the aftermath of the campaign. The high volume mailing generated a significant number of returns and white mail. We managed the capture process of the returns and fed this back to the client for updating their database.

As the mailing was split into multiple segments over a period of two months, we had regular updates with the client ensuring that segments were posted in the most cost effective way to help drive postage efficiencies. Following from this initial campaign we are working with the client on a regular basis and this year will be completing larger volumes.

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