Sussex Coast College, Hastings has historically printed their prospectus in one batch per year which combines all the courses together and is sent out to all potential students making an enquiry. This year the marketing team at the college were looking at a more efficient method and to make the prospectus more relevant to the individual student.

The prospectus pack produced for Sussex Coast College (SCC) utilises both online and offline media in which Kingsline has developed and implemented. SCC wanted to create a more web based method for students to be able to order a prospectus; by using digital print and a web based ordering and management system developed by Kingsline the college are able to send a truly bespoke and personalised brochure to potential students.

Sussex Coast College

Sussex Coast College

The process starts with potential students completing a web form to order their bespoke prospectus; the web form is integrated within SCC's main website to offer the user a seamless user interface. By submitting their order this triggers an email thanking them for their enquiry. The email back to the student is content managed by the college so they can change the messaging depending on marketing activities, open days etc...

The student can select which course or courses they are interested in, being able to request information on a maximum of three courses, if only one is requested then a default two additional ones will be sent relevant to the initial course in order to maintain a set pagination. The whole pack consists of the personalised brochure with variable course content totally bespoke to the student and a pre populated application form, a variable poster, a parent information book which has variable pagination, and a targeted address carrier.

A barcode is created, which is scanned as each pack is posted, this triggers an email sent to the student informing them their prospectus is on its way.

The prospectus artwork and variable content is held within a Client Management System (CMS), which has been specifically developed by Kingsline. The CMS has been developed to create a web to print environment, which is content managed by the client, this enables them change course details, marketing messages and new artwork in real time. The college is able to keep their literature up to date and change marketing messages depending on events at the college, allowing flexibility they have never been able to experience through conventional print.

Both Kingsline and the college have a transparent view of the production area within the CMS, Kingsline know exactly how many orders there are, waiting to be printed, in production and mailed. This is allows the college to view peak times, for example prospectus' ordered after an open day.

Because the college has also mined the student's online details, along with the variable data gained through the CMS they can also send out triggers emails to follow up interest.

Sussex Coast College

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