How we do it


Data Processing, Workflow & Document Handling:

Data is received securely via FTP and our ‘Kingsline Data Cleanse’ will highlight any incomplete or sub-standard addresses, including a match against industry suppression files for deceased and gone-aways. Further more in-depth enhancement can be completed which includes a profiling tool using external lifestyle databases . We build bespoke Workflow programs for our print on demand and ‘white paper’ solutions, specialist scanning software is used for document scanning, data capture and archiving.

For our not for profit clients we use Raisers Edge for payment processing of donations and donor management.

Digital Print and Imaging:

We have a digital suite of Ricoh colour and laser printers with a maximum sheet size of 320mmx480mm, with paper weights from 80gsm to 350gsm. We also have inkjet machines for single colour high speed addressing and 4 colour variable envelope printing, meaning that we can produce and personalise a wide range of media types and formats.

Enclosing, fulfilment and Response Management

When it comes to the last stage of enclosing we have a fulfilment department using high speed inserters with inline folders for fast and accurate document handling.

There are always those quirky direct mail campaigns which can't be machine enclosed, for which we have a team experienced hand work specialists to manage the most complex of projects.

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